About Dr. Dunn

Mark is a Naturopathic Physician and a talented clairvoyant whose primary passion and focus of study have been the energetic and spiritual realms that we are all a part of.

Dr. Dunn received his degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2000.  During his time as a practicing family physician, he tried many different techniques and methods of treatment to help his patients.  After an extensive personal journey and professional search, he created a style of treatment that uses a unique blend of physical and non-physical medicine to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Dunn believes that the spiritual and energetic parts of our body help to organize and maintain the physical body and its responses. He also believes that the energetic body can be broken and the spirit disorganized, which can lead to loss of vitality and organization in the physical experience. After seeing the importance of the spiritual and energetic realms on the health of his patients, he pioneered a unique way of looking at the ‘non-physical body.’ It is centered on assessing the health of the energetic body and spiritual realms for damage and distortion, and then assisting the body to fix those problems. He has found that this approach can change chronic patterns of vitality loss, exhaustion, emotional problems, loss of purpose, spiritual disconnection, and can assist in changing physical conditions. Conscious Systems is the organization Dr. Dunn created to help individuals explore and learn about the non-physical body and its importance on health through lectures, online classes, videos, and instructional materials.  Although you don’t need to participate in Conscious Systems to work with Dr. Dunn, the techniques explained there are useful for orientation, self care and can cut down on your healing time.

Dr. Dunn’s bedside manner is compassionate, open minded, and straightforward. His skill set allows him to assess whether his client’s needs are in their physical body, their energetic body, and/or the spiritual parts of themselves.  He uses this information to help his clients in their overall health care plan. He believes in mixing western medical care with this alternate viewpoint as his patients need and wish.  He has set a standard for ethical energetic practices, and works to create a calm, safe and intense environment for his clients to go through deep process. As a partner in the healing process, he will work hard on behalf of those who are able to take responsibility for their part of the journey.