Our Practice in Sisters, OR

Our niche is to help people with troubleshooting the physical, energetic and spiritual parts of the body. Mark is a Naturopathic Doctor and is licensed in the state of Oregon.

We offer our experience and expertise to help you make a plan which addresses the root of your problem.  We start with a consult in which we decide what is the best path for you based off of your needs and what we can provide. We will listen to your problems and help you make a plan which can be anything from lab tests, herbal medicine, manipulations, nutritional counseling all the way to energetic repair and spiritual clearings. If you feel that you only want physical medicine or only energetic medicine, state that in your consult and we can tailor your plan around your wishes. Dr. Dunn can advise you on what combination of things is likely to bring you success.

The Energetic and Spiritual Side

The typical client he sees would fit into a few different categories:

  • People who are looking for alternatives after having tried ‘everything’.
  • People who need an open minded physician to sort through their atypical needs.
  • People who are looking for someone to troubleshoot their energetic and spiritual systems. This is described at ConsciousSystems.com.
  • People involved with the Conscious Systems curriculum who need help sorting through some of the tools and practices or advice on their progress.

The Physical Side

Dr. Dunn specializes in ‘functional medicine.’ This type of medicine combines your history, lab tests, and exams along with a look at your body’s physical compensations, your lifestyle, stress levels, genetic profiles and physical presentation. He may use manipulations, herbs, homeopathy and nutrients to strengthen and help the body organize against infection, pathology and disorganization. This type of medicine can help with an existing condition as well as prevent imbalances from going too far. 

His experience has taught him how to perceive what is going on in his client’s bodies. He can then put together a program which helps the body regain its balance for long-term success.

At a Distance vs. In Person

Dr. Dunn would like to see you in person for:

  • Energetic / spiritual healing
  • If you are a new patient seeking physical Naturopathic medicine

Dr. Dunn is available over the phone, Skype or FaceTime:

  • If you are an established Naturopathic patient

There are some other considerations:
Dr. Mark Dunn is licensed to practice medicine only in the state of Oregon. He cannot diagnose or treat a condition if you are not in person. During energetic or spiritual sessions, the law prohibits Dr. Dunn from advising you on your medicines, supplements or procedures unless you are in Oregon and have seen him in person first.