What to Expect

Dr. Dunn’s treatments are unique in a few different ways.

  • His goal is to support your body in its healing efforts. Dr. Dunn’s treatments can feel very powerful because your body becomes active and involved in your healing. This creates stable results that last.
  • Energy is an ever-changing environment. Healing doesn’t just involve adding energy to your body. Energy has to be regulated, moved in and around the body and changed as it does many different jobs. Getting your body whole and involved allows it to make those complex decisions so that we don’t have to.
  • Your body can feel many different ways as you heal. Most of the sensations are very pleasant and feel good as you get stronger. Some sensations aren’t as pleasant. Education is a cornerstone to our energetic treatments. If you understand what is happening to you and have a long-term goal, you will feel good about the process even when it temporarily doesn’t feel good. We will let you know what to expect so that you can know what to expect as your body becomes more whole, strong and makes its own decisions.
  • Most clients will go through changes unrelated to their chief complaint. Your body may need to make adjustments as it works on your behalf. The clients we attract are looking to fulfill an overall larger picture of health, freedom and self-expression. People who just want their symptom addressed with energy may want to ask if that is possible in their particular case during the consult.
  • Dr. Dunn will follow your body’s lead on the speed and how fast we can go. Treatments can very quick or they may take time. Currently, the longest treatments can take a few months. Both clients and Dr. Dunn want it to go quickly whenever possible. He should be able to give you an indication of your time schedule during your initial consult.
  • Dr. Dunn cannot advise you about physical problems and complaints without a visit to our Sisters, Oregon office. As is the standard of care, he cannot comment on your medical conditions, diagnose or treat your physical conditions without you being in the state he is licensed in. We encourage you to work with your local health care team for all of your normal check-ups, screenings and procedures.